The Simply Human Lifestyle

What is the Simply Human Lifestyle?

A “simply human” lifestyle is human beings being simply human. It is a way to try and get people to think on their own about how we, as humans, are designed to function. My goal is to try and help anyone who is not happy with the way they look, feel, and/or perform. My goal is to get information out there that will help people regain their health and wellness — if they want to be healthy.

This is not a quick fix or a 30-day plan. There are no supplements you MUST take. There are no gimmicks. It is not a cut and dry rule book. It requires personal experimentation, research and seeking. What is being sought after are the ways to eat, move and sleep that are the most human. The four main categories I encourage people to approach in a minimalist fitness and nutrition lifestyle are:

  • Eating human food in ways humans are supposed to eat
  • Moving in ways that humans are supposed to move
  • Sleeping like humans are supposed to sleep
  • Enjoying life like humans are supposed to enjoy life.

I believe humans, in our best intentions, have let technology and innovation get in the way of human beings being human. Technology and innovation have done great things for commerce, information sharing, science, education, and world affairs. But the human himself (or herself) has paid the price.

Examples of these negative effects are

  • Synthetic foods
  • Fortified foods
  • Most supplementation
  • Expensive and hi-tech running shoes
  • Prime Time TV
  • Most pharmaceuticals 
  • Food scales
  • Counting calories

This approach tries to mitigate the negative effects that modern technology and civilization/domestication have placed on our health. The SHL is NOT against advances in modern medicine that deal with communicable diseases and sewing limbs back on. It is against the “pill for every ill” system that has been set up. It is for prevention and against defaulting to treatment plans only.

The SHL is not concerned with weight or other health markers. Those things will all take care of themselves if HEALTH is the goal. The SHL wants humans to ask themselves why they make choices they make and do things that they do. The SHL wants humans to understand that it is OK to change and evolve because as soon as you stop changing, you start dying. 

The Simply Human Lifestyle — Moving

An easy way to remember the philosophy for moving is — Move slow a lot. Lift heavy things correctly. Work on mobility. The SHL wants humans to try and use self-propulsion as much as humanly possible. The SHL is not opposed to endurance training or events but it does want humans to understand the serious effects of chronic exercise/cardio and oxidative stress.

The SHL does not believe an hour of cardio a day is necessary for human health. The SHL believes that running on a treadmill will get you exactly where the treadmill will — nowhere. Walking is the most important form of movement to the SHL. 

The Simply Human Lifestyle — Food

What is human-food? is a volatile question and very confusing to some. I believe we have overcomplicated food and that food choices should be simple, wholesome, delicious and satiating — NOT void of nutritional value and density. The SHL is a proponent of a ‘no sugars, no grains’ approach and advises to avoid legumes and vegetable oils. The SHL believes in letting animals be animals and is strongly against feed lots, chicken factories and pig crates. Grass fed meats, pastured pigs and chickens, wild caught seafood and dairy from grass-fed cows are all good things in the eyes of the SHL.

The SHL loves bone broth and marrow. The SHL also loves organ meats such as liver, tongue, kidney and heart. 

The Simply Human Lifestyle — Shopping List

 there are obviously hundreds more foods out there that the SHL would consider real, human food, this is just a starting point

extra virgin coconut oil* 

MCT oil

unsalted, organic butter*

Extra Virgin Olive Oil* this brand is my favorite

heavy whipping cream*

lard or tallow

free range eggs*

veggie or beef bouillon cubes (not the low sodium)

variety of grass-fed or wild caught meat sources (fat cuts — not lean or “skinless”)

  • beef
  • tuna steak
  • salmon
  • sardines
  • herring
  • pork
  • chicken

Veggies and Fruits*

  • broccoli
  • asparagus
  • spinach
  • romaine
  • mustard greens
  • collard greens
  • kale
  • cucumbers
  • mushrooms
  • squash
  • berries (all kinds)*
  • tomatoes

Raw, Unsalted and Unshelled Nuts

  • macadamia
  • almonds
  • brazil nuts
  • pecans
  • filberts


*denotes that organic is important

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