The Simply Human Lifestyle

What is the Simply Human Lifestyle? A “simply human” lifestyle is human beings being simply human. It is a way to try and get people to think on their own about how we, as humans, are designed to function. My goal is to try and help anyone who is not happy with the way they … Read more

Simply Human Moms

Though I am not a mom, I’ve observed many great practices from minimalists moms that I love to encourage in other great moms that want their children to be simply and unabridgely human… But the foremost is to just let them be kids. Allow children to grow and develop at their own rate, and encourage … Read more

Stop Exercising and Start Moving

I bet if I were to go back in time into the wilderness and find a human (aka a naked mountain person) living like a human is designed to live and asked that human what he or she does for exercise everyday, that he or she would give me a quizzical look then continue picking … Read more