About My Fitness and Nutrition Approach to A “Simply Human” Lifestyle

Endurance Achievements: 

  • 2 Marathons
  • Solo Everest Base Camp Trek in half the recommended timeframe

A HUMAN BEING BEING HUMAN and a Crossfit Level 1 trainer, one of my main goals in life is to help people realize that they can get healthy, sleep great, eat how humans are supposed to eat…all while enjoying life and spending time with family and friends.

I’m a Californian by birth (and a global citizen by choice) who served a decade in the Marine Corps an in the defense community. I have lived abroad for the past 4 years, traveling through over 50+ countries to a lifestyle of constant fitness, minimalism, and striving for simplicity.

I began Crossfit on 2009 and trained with this as my ideal fitness mode until 2017 when I began traveling the world. From that point on I minimized, shifting to bodyweight training, calisthenics, and gymnastics to achieve a strong, durable, injury resistant body with a minimum of equipment

I believe in minimalist running shoes. I own Vibram FiveFingers. I believe in fueling for daily energy needs and performance with clean fats, clean, complex carbohydrates, and ample protein. I believe in Intermittent Fasting and (while everybody’s different) do it every day.

I love being outside whether training, surfing, or running for no reason other than the sheer joy of it. I believe exercise should consist of only things that you find enjoyable. I believe that exercise is a terrible way to lose weight. I make my own toothpaste.

After 15 years of experimenting, I feel my best and am at my best when I don’t eat sugar, grains, processed foods, or foods out of a box or from a fast food restaurant. I feel my best when I eat organic, grass fed meats and butter, cheese, green vegetables, fruit, monounsaturated fats, coffee, pastured eggs, rice, sweet potatoes and lots and lots of saturated fats.

I believe that anyone can be fit and lean and healthy — they just have to try. I believe that many people out there don’t try to be fit and lean and healthy — and most don’t even know they’re not trying. I believe that the politics in our country and what our government endorses has led to this current disease epidemic (i.e. the Food Pyramid).

I believe that change in our system will not happen in my lifetime because of trade associations, politics, the press, and public opinion about what is healthy and what is not. 

Why do I consider myself a Simple Human? Because we have muddied the water and made it way too complex. Processed foods, “stuff” made in labs for us to eat, counting calories, weighing food — it’s all too much. Let’s get back to what it is to be human: eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty, move in ways that don’t make you want to murder someone. Sleep a lot, go to bed shortly after the sun goes down and wake up around the time it rises.

I believe it is every person’s own personal responsibility to learn how to control insulin by experimenting with certain foods and food groups and ways of moving their bodies around until an ideal body composition is attained.

Whether that’s through a plant-based diet, a Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, or the Zone Diet. The key is controlling insulin and understanding whether or not you have it under control. Many people will say, “oh yeah I’m fine — got this fire under control” when their hair and shoes are on fire. That doesn’t count.

Email me if you want to know whether or not you are winning the battle. It’s pretty easy to tell. And everyone’s battle is different. Some don’t have to fight very hard. Some do. Life’s not fair.

This blog started out as a way for me to inspire others into a life of minimalism in consumerism, fitness, and mindset. I still use it mainly for that, but I have found that a few people have used it for information and inspiration, which makes me happy.

Please peruse the site for tidbits on what I’m doing and who I’m learning from… 

Thank you for reading. Please email me if you have any questions about anything I’m currently doing or believe. And if you learn something from me — please let me know!

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