Jeff says --

Running my own business in NYC and having a 6 month old, I don't have much spare time. Like so many people, I care about my health but I get overwhelmed when I try to navigate all of the health and nutrition information that's on the internet, on documentaries, etc. etc. It's too much for me to handle. That's why The Simply Human Reset was the perfect program for me. Bite sized, practical tips and information on how to be a more well rounded "human" on a daily basis AND having a expert an email away ready to answer questions I had felt like I absorbed a year's worth of knowledge in just a few weeks. Mark is very engaging and not one of these crazy health nuts that you can't understand. His approach is very down to earth and easy to digest (pardon the pun). 

The mobility and movement tips and exercises were particularly useful to me personally since I could (and have continued to) put them into practice immediately without having to go out and buy a bunch of gear or join a gym. Things like "the couch stretch", more efficient ways of standing and the importance of the squat position were all super practical and extremely sustainable. Waiting for the subway is now a chance for me to do something good for my body! That's just one of the many examples. Huge thanks to Simply Human for the encouragement and for putting this program in place.

Ian says --

I absolutely loved walking through the first 21 days of my change in lifestyle with Mark and Simply Human. My changes were predicated on a dietary consumption - which has been easy to continue since my first 21 days - and what followed was a complete overhaul of my thinking as it pertained to my consumption of all the resources that I have in my life. Mark's guidance led me to rethinking the way I invest my time in my relationship with God, my relationships with my family, and in my own personal development. The most important component to Mark's guidance was the daily video and his comprehensive approach to my improved well-being. I am healthier than I have ever been, and owe it totally to Mark and Simply Human.

Mari says --

The benefits I'm seeing from the Simply Human Reset are life-changing habits that have genuinely surprised and amazed me. I called Mark when I decided I was fed up with looking pregnant 2 years after my son was born. I knew he could teach me how to eat and move in a healthy way that I could also realistically integrate into my family's lifestyle. Like any kind of adjustment of this kind, there's work to be done; but if you're ready for it, I can say this transition has been so empowering in ways I never imagined. Yes, I'm losing weight (about 5 lbs. in the first 21 days, and continuing along that pace), and that's always a motivator. But I've also been able to recognize and begin ridding myself of an emotional attachment I've had with food - an attachment I hadn't even realized was pulling me back into my old bad habits time and time again. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy my food (who doesn't want to eat more bacon?!), and look forward to special events that include a good meal. But they're not all I look forward to. It feels fabulous to know I have the power and ability to control a great deal of my body's appearance and health. I sincerely feel liberated from a cycle of bad choices and bad feelings. And I crave veggies! I mean, really! I am so very grateful to see how the decision to do the Simply Human Reset has enabled me to break what I now know was no less than an addiction to sugar. I've got more work to do, but at this rate, it no longer feels like work or a sacrifice. This truly is about living a Simply Human Lifestyle.