Barf Protocol

My oldest daughter is 5 and (like me) has quite the sensitive stomach. We've discovered that when she gets over-stressed or too anxious about something, it can trigger an up-to-12-hour episode of puking about every 20 minutes. Her record is more than 30 times in 12 hours.

Because of that -- we have become quite good at the Puking Protocol. And here it is:

  • NOTHING at all while the vomiting is going on -- nothing, no ice chips, no tiny sips of water
  • two hours after the final vomiting spell -- start with a very small amount of ice chips
  • 15 minutes later, more ice chips, if everything is fine, then...
  • give a couple fluid oz of "medicine juice" then wait 15' and repeat (the medicine juice we use is something called NUUN tablets. I used to take them before races, they're electrolyte tablets that are missing some of the things you find in normal "recovery" drinks like Gatorade and Sprite which are basically sugar water)
  • Ready for food? go with white rice (we cook ours with water, butter and bone broth to make sure the body is getting nutrients it needs while not giving it stuff that is only going to make recovery harder and longer)
  • bananas and apple slices are good, too
  • Continue giving small amounts of food until your little ones are chipper and back to their old selves.

The morning after our last episode, they both had eggs cooked in bacon fat for breakfast with a glass of "medicine juice" to help rehydrate.

Kids get sick. Give them high quality food to help them recover and not a bunch of fake food that's only going to prolong the episode.