A Trapeze? Inside? No Way.

I recently wrote an article for ThePaleoMom.com about getting kids moving. One of the ways I get my kids to move is by making sure they can reach the adjustable trapeze in their playroom. Let me explain how I did that.

First of all, their playroom used to be my gym and those straps with the bar at the end used to be mine -- but whatever. Little kids steal your stuff, that's fine.

Here is the hardware I used:

  1. Ring Hanger
  2. Straps and Bar

And here's how I did it...

I got a 4x6 piece of green wood long enough to rest on the two load-bearing walls on either side of the playroom.

I laid the ring hanger on the 4x6 where I wanted it to be, then drilled holes through the green wood before I took it into the attic and laid it across the load bearing walls (it's not attached to the walls, just laying there). It is sitting pretty snug between two studs, so if you don't have that luxury you will probably need to bolt the green wood to the load bearing walls somehow.

While in the attic, I drilled down through the pre-drilled holes through the dry wall on the ceiling of the playroom.

Then all it took was having someone hold the ring hanger in place while I shoved 8 inch bolts through the holes and fastened them in the attic with nuts and washers. Boom. Easy as that.

So in the attic, the view is just a piece of green wood with five nuts tightened around five bolts.

I have a buddy who played offensive line in college and is up near 300 pounds. He has pulled and swung and yanked on those straps with all his strength and it's never budged.

Happy trapeze installing!