Movement for Kids

Got the girls signed up for gymnastics today and the first class was tonight.

In my opinion, teaching little kids how to balance and be barefoot and hang from stuff and do front rolls and control their bodies is of the utmost importance. 

I also love the fact that they have access to rings hanging from the ceiling in their playroom. Which brings up a good point:

If you put comfy chairs and a TV and game system in your kids room or in a playroom, the kids are going to sit in a compromised, slouched position and watch TV or play video games.

But if you have some unorthodox stuff in a playroom, say like rings or a parallel bar or balance beam or balance ball or something, and remove the chairs, the kids will hang or swing or balance. How many chairs do you see out in the wild? 

Right. None. Unless someone has done some illegal dumping. We're designed to sit cross-legged on the floor (something I can't do since I never had to when I was little -- I'm painfully working on it daily though), to squat several times per day either for rest of for bathrooming, for standing and laying down.

Sitting in a chair for long periods is not good for overall health. That's pretty obvious. I don't think any rational person could argue the opposite of that point: that sitting in a chair for long periods is good for you. 

In the same way that we must get our kids a firm and solid nutritional foundation for their adult lives -- we MUST arm them with strength and physical fitness that will allow them to live long and healthy lives. 

And you don't get strong sitting down all day. 

You have to walk a lot. And run. And be outside. And hang from stuff. And be barefoot as much as possible. And squat as much as possible. And walk a lot.