Dad Makes Dinner

Last night I got home from work and hopped to it.

I made myself the Liver and Onions (soaked in orange juice instead of lemon) which is sort of labor intensive at the same time making my wife and kids a meal of sweet potato fries, bacon and fruit.

Most of this, mind you, cooked outside since my wife's sense of smell is still a little pregnant-cray.

I got the oven going and peeled and cut up the potatoes. I took the portable range and griddle to the back porch and got those warmed up. I coated the potatoes in oil, salt and pepper and got those in the oven while I made my liver seasoning concoction and rinsed and dried the liver so I could put them in the seasoning bag. 

Bacon on the griddle, coconut oil heating up on the stove outside so I could sear the liver, I managed to time the bacon being done at the same time the potatoes beeped at me. Took the tray out and warmed up a bag of frozen mangoes in the microwave. Making sure not to neglect my liver, onions and mushrooms outside (which you can't just leave unattended), I finished that up, put it on 'warm' and plated the bacon, mangoes and sweet potatoes.

I made myself a salad and brought in the pan of liver and onions which I ate out of at the kitchen table. My wife, all the while, making and feeding dinner to my son from her (as my daughters have deemed them) "bosom bottles." haha

The girls got some "chocolate" raisins for eating all their dinner (which are really unsweetened carob raisins). I started the process around 5:45 and had everything done around 6:30 PM.