Making burgers


I pulled the thawed grass-fed hamburger meat from the fridge and put it in a pan. My daughter seemed interested and asked if she could help. My first thought was "ewe! gross! I don't want you touching raw meat..."

Then I was like, "why not?" So I said sure.  

She got right in there like it was playdoh -- loved it. She got all mad when I reformed one of her hamburger patties so I let her do it again and put it right in the pan. 

She helped me cook it then ate 3 of them. 

My two year old isn't a huge meat fan (since I was vegan when she started eating real food) so I had her put a tiny bit in her mouth with the understanding that she could spit it right out if she didn't like it.

She spit it right out and ran off with her strawberries.

Five minutes later she was back -- asking for hamburger and proceeded to let everyone know that "it's my favorite" from that point forward. Ha! 

Getting kids involved in the cooking process is hugely important -- so much better than just slopping something down in front of them.  

Let them help -- and don't worry if they get a little raw meat on their hands ... AS LONG AS THEY WASH THEM AFTERWARD!