Thoughts on oatmeal...

My girls eat oatmeal occasionally. It's something that I'd like to eventually phase out, but for the time being they're getting gluten free oats. Wait -- you thought all oats were gluten free? Nope.  

Unfortunately most companies that package oats also package lots of other oat-like food stuff and they don't clean the trucks or conveyor belts when they change batches.  

Quaker will come right out and say that they can't guarantee their oats are gulten free. So what do we do? Well you can look a little harder and pay a bit more for certified gluten-free oats. How do you know they're not just stamping that on the box and charging more?  

You don't. But at least you tried if they ARE lying to you -- which they're PROBABLY not.

Anyhoo here's my girls'

oatmeal recipe

1/4 c oats

sprinkle of ground flax seed

1/2 tbsp butter

sprinkle of cinnamon

water until it covers the concoction  

cook for 1 minute

pout in a little heavy cream to cool it down and give it some more thickness

Viola -- they love it.


The oats give it a little bit more of a thick consistency which they like. I've tried it using ground walnuts instead of oats, which they will eat and is really good for them, but we're displaced right now and we don't have our nut grinder.