Veggie Hobo Meal

Growing up my mom used to get chicken or ground beef, carrots, and potatoes and make what we called "Hobo Meals". I loved them! Mark and I often made them when we were still doing a lot of meat. Plus, they are SUPER easy!! Last night, in efforts to use some of the yummy veggies we got from our friends, I made a Veggie "Hobo Meal". I used carrots, potatoes, red bell pepper,  green bell pepper, and okra with some onion soup mix and Mrs. Dash original. Heat oven to 350, place veggies/seasoning on foil square, add a tablespoon of water, and crumple it into a foil bowl (veggies are fully covered). Cook for 30 minutes. You could serve over rice or quinoa OR go HOBO style and eat as is right out of the foil.

If you go camping, this is a great meal for that. It cooks really well over open flame!!

Haelyn was already set on having beans and cantelope for dinner, but Hope was a huge fan. I made two sets so they can both have some tonight.