Our girls drink almond milk and water. That's it. Nothing else. Haelyn will occasionally drink juice at school, and she had some at a birthday party a few weeks ago. They will both drink a juice that Mark makes every now and then. 

Let me just say it was really hard to give up serving my babies cow's milk. I fought it for a long time...like tears and pleading with my knowledgeable husband. After reading excerpts from The China Study and some other articles for myself (I'm a little lot stubborn...I like to do my own research), we started the weaning process with Haelyn. It wasn't always pretty and she could definitely tell the difference at first, but she made the change. Hope went from breast milk at age one, to 4 weeks of cow's milk, and cold turkey to almond. She wasn't two, but our pedi said it was fine. She was fine. They were fine. I was fine. And to make matters better...both girls started to express more interest in diverse foods after giving up the ole moo milk. Win win in this Mama's book.