Barf Protocol

My oldest daughter is 5 and (like me) has quite the sensitive stomach. We've discovered that when she gets over-stressed or too anxious about something, it can trigger an up-to-12-hour episode of puking about every 20 minutes. Her record is more than 30 times in 12 hours.

Because of that -- we have become quite good at the Puking Protocol. And here it is:

  • NOTHING at all while the vomiting is going on -- nothing, no ice chips, no tiny sips of water
  • two hours after the final vomiting spell -- start with a very small amount of ice chips
  • 15 minutes later, more ice chips, if everything is fine, then...
  • give a couple fluid oz of "medicine juice" then wait 15' and repeat (the medicine juice we use is something called NUUN tablets. I used to take them before races, they're electrolyte tablets that are missing some of the things you find in normal "recovery" drinks like Gatorade and Sprite which are basically sugar water)
  • Ready for food? go with white rice (we cook ours with water, butter and bone broth to make sure the body is getting nutrients it needs while not giving it stuff that is only going to make recovery harder and longer)
  • bananas and apple slices are good, too
  • Continue giving small amounts of food until your little ones are chipper and back to their old selves.

The morning after our last episode, they both had eggs cooked in bacon fat for breakfast with a glass of "medicine juice" to help rehydrate.

Kids get sick. Give them high quality food to help them recover and not a bunch of fake food that's only going to prolong the episode.

Breakfast smoothie was a huge hit

This morning I was in a bit of a time crunch and didn't have time to make eggs or bacon or any other human foods ... so I grabbed the Vitamix pitcher and threw in:

  • frozen bananas
  • frozen peaches
  • frozen strawberries
  • chia seeds
  • ice
  • water
  • almond milk
  • kefir
  • bone broth

I filled up two cups for two little kids and the cups were empty about 5 minutes later. H drank hers on the way to can do that with smoothies. They're portable.

Barefoot Walking

Within reason -- any time you can get your kids OUTSIDE with bare feet is a good thing.

Last night we walked to the park with their shoes in my pocket starting out. We got to an area that had stickers so we put them on. When we got to the park it had those wood chip things on the ground so they kept them on while they were playing in the playground but took them off when they were playing on the big rocks which bordered the playground.

Don't just go to shoes as the default. Look for opportunities to be human.

Strengthening the connection between neurological system and proprioceptors on the bottoms of the feet is HUGELY important. Find ways to free your feet.

It all starts with the foundation. And despite what aliens would think if they took a sample of human "foundations" ... it's NOT the sit bones on the underside of the's your feet.

Kids and Feet

Let me start out by saying that kids are just small adults in many ways so things that are good for kids are also good for adults for the most part. Let's think of some -- naps? learning how to use the toilet? brushing teeth? having a pet rock? getting your taxes done on time?

OK, obviously there are things that don't go both ways, but hopefully you see my point.

Let's talk about feet.

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School Lunches

I am often blown away by what I see kids eating for breakfast and lunch at school on a regular basis. I'm all for letting kids have some special treats once in a while, but if powdered donuts are your go-to menu item for your kids' breakfast, something has to change if that child wants to have any chance at a healthy future.

Sorry. May ruffle some feathers here, but there's no way around that one. Processed fake foods every single day as the foundation of a human beings diet WILL LEAD TO DEGENERATIVE DISEASE AND A DEPRESSED, DOCTOR-WAITING-ROOM FILLED EXISTENCE.

Is throwing a Lunchable in a backpack easier than making a lunch for your kid every day (or at night before you go to bed like we've gotten in the habit of doing)? Of course. But convenience and ease isn't the best thing in all domains of life.

It's great for staying in touch with relatives or being able to watch 30 college football games in one day. Not so good for optimal health -- ESPECIALLY for kids!

Here's a very typical lunch that our girls take to school:


That's cashews, organic apple sauce (no processed sugar), cantaloupe, and Applegate Uncured Pepperoni (is that the absolute best meat on the planet? No. But it's better than your typical, WalMart deli meat). They also do the Applegate ham and if we have grass fed beef hotdogs or something else, we'll throw that in.

We try to get some type of "dense" food like the pepperoni (or macaroni as the girls call it...ha!), or cheese, or boiled egg, or nuts, or a combination of 1 or 2 of those things. Meat isn't included every day as long as there is some nutrient density.

Then we try to put a fruit and veggie. This pic has no veggie but we'll do carrots a lot. They'll do pickles, too.

Applesauce isn't my favorite since I'd rather they eat an apple, but it's a once a day thing. That's our "convenience" hack. They know they don't get the applesauce any other time than at school. When they come home it's all fresh, whole foods.

Other go-to fruits are olives, strawberries, blue and blackberries, bananas, and watermelon.

Bottom line -- there are a wide variety of healthy options your kids can eat at school. You just have to do a little prep work to ensure they're not eating mass-produced chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and whacky cake every day like I did. Mmmm...whacky cake.

Trust me -- your kids are worth the effort. And they'll thank you for it someday.

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Birthday Cupcakes

Hope's birthday is tomorrow -- we had a little party tonight and made some "real food" cupcakes:


  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 2 tbsp almond milk
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract

Chocolate Frosting

  • 4 oz baking chocolate
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • 2.5 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp stevia
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • honey to taste


  1. Mix all ingredients for cupcakes
  2. bake at 350 F for 20 minutes
  3. melt chocolate, coconut oil, stevia and 1.5 tsp vanilla in a shallow sauce pan on stove
  4. once melted keep on burner and add in cream and remaining .5 tsp vanilla
  5. cook while stirring for 10 minutes on low heat
  6. let cool
  7. top cupcakes with frosting and we added a few sprinkles

These had good reviews other than the frosting being pretty bitter. That's great if you love dark chocolate thought. Everybody loved the actual cupcake part though. Very filling. 


Rain Day

I made the girls pancakes this morning which they ate for breakfast and lunch. 

When Hope took her nap, Haelyn ate the rest of the sweet potato french fries we made last night and a bowl of frozen mangos. 

When Hope woke, we made organic popcorn in coconut oil with butter and sea salt. 

Haelyn had the rest of the Andouille sausage and some grapes for dinner. Hope had a "milk" shake that had frozen fruit, banana, probiotics, almond milk, bone broth, water, ice and honey in it. 

They had apple sauce and pickles for a snack. It was a good eating day. We've strung quite a few of them in a row here lately.

"Healthy" Popcorn

I put it in quotes since corn isn't the most healthy item on the planet -- ESPECIALLY if you cook it in typical popcorn oil which is basically soybean oil, artificial flavors and other fake stuff.

So the "healthy" version -- or the one that I'm OK with my girls having every once in a while -- is cooked in coconut oil and topped with grass fed butter and sea salt. I'll put the recipe on the recipes tab...

Dad Makes Dinner

Last night I got home from work and hopped to it.

I made myself the Liver and Onions (soaked in orange juice instead of lemon) which is sort of labor intensive at the same time making my wife and kids a meal of sweet potato fries, bacon and fruit.

Most of this, mind you, cooked outside since my wife's sense of smell is still a little pregnant-cray.

I got the oven going and peeled and cut up the potatoes. I took the portable range and griddle to the back porch and got those warmed up. I coated the potatoes in oil, salt and pepper and got those in the oven while I made my liver seasoning concoction and rinsed and dried the liver so I could put them in the seasoning bag. 

Bacon on the griddle, coconut oil heating up on the stove outside so I could sear the liver, I managed to time the bacon being done at the same time the potatoes beeped at me. Took the tray out and warmed up a bag of frozen mangoes in the microwave. Making sure not to neglect my liver, onions and mushrooms outside (which you can't just leave unattended), I finished that up, put it on 'warm' and plated the bacon, mangoes and sweet potatoes.

I made myself a salad and brought in the pan of liver and onions which I ate out of at the kitchen table. My wife, all the while, making and feeding dinner to my son from her (as my daughters have deemed them) "bosom bottles." haha

The girls got some "chocolate" raisins for eating all their dinner (which are really unsweetened carob raisins). I started the process around 5:45 and had everything done around 6:30 PM. 

Saturday morning

I made the girls the "Paleo Pancake" recipe from the recipes tab yesterday morning and we had those for leftover this morning:

eggs, coconut flour, almond flour, berries, vanilla, cinnamon, baking powder, salt -- good stuff.

Then they each had a cup of decaf with butter, MCT and heavy cream -- plus their JuicePlus vitamins and probiotic. 

It's frozen outside so we're just going to chill out indoors most of the day. Neither of them woke during the night and fell asleep in about 10 seconds last night.

I took Hope on a date last night and am planning on taking Haelyn on a date for lunch today.

Vitamix is a great way to sneak nutrition in

The girls have been POUNDING "milk shakes" that I make in the Vitamix. Here's what a typical "milk shake" has in it -- and I don't let them watch me make it:

  • frozen berries
  • bananas
  • carrots
  • almond milk
  • heavy cream
  • flax seed (ground)
  • bone broth
  • probiotics
  • raw eggs
  • cinnamon

They've also been wanting coffee in the mornings. I make Jenn and the girls a pot of decaf and put MCT, butter, cinnamon and heavy cream in it and mix in Vitamix. They love it and it's a good way to get some good fats in them.

This morning they had that coffee, scrambled eggs, pastured bacon, and a "milk shake" -- and they had some chewable probiotics along with what I snuck into their shake. Good stuff... 

Last Few Days...

Made the German Pancake variation again this morning. They're a hit. Hope had oranges and raisins mid-morning. They both had bulletproof decaf as well -- good way to get some good fats in them. 

Hope had carrots and almond butter for lunch. Then had strawberries and almond milk for dinner. Apple sauce and on orange for snack. 

Haelyn ate nearly a whole pack of Applegate organic turkey breast for lunch. Then had Applegate organic ham and strawberries for dinner. Apple sauce for snack. 

Last night I made them milkshakes with -- almond milk, frozen berries, heavy cream, ice, water, flax seed, probiotics, banana, mangos. They disappeared pretty quick.  

Been using the amber tea lights with success at night, too. Have an idea about a product I may try and start selling -- stand by for that...