Fatten Up!

I know what you’re thinking. I thought the same thing when Mark proposed that I add more quality fats to my pregnancy diet. Not only did I scoff at him, but I feared the fat. I was on bed rest for 12 weeks in the hospital. The last thing I wanted to do was lay in a bed barely moving my GROWING body and eat a high fat diet. Because as well all know, fat makes you fat.


Because I feel the need to do my own research when proposes anything to me, I read a book about how to improve our diets for our babies. I also became fearful that my milk wouldn’t come in like it did with the other two kiddos since I was having a C-section at 36 weeks.

I couldn’t wrap my head around how my body would know to make milk if we just up and cut this little guy right out of my gut before he was ready. No labor, no pushing, all medicated, all surgical, all un-natural. Man oh man did I underestimate the power of the human body. We are the most incredible creations.

Anyway, I gave in to Marks proposition. He started cooking me meals and bringing them up to the hospital. I had eggs, bacon, and Bulletproof decaf every morning.


I had protein shakes. I had lots of fruit and veggies. I had avocado. I had meats. I had more avocados. I had full fat yogurts. I also started taking Desiccated Liver and Cod Liver Oil. Click the links below to see what exactly I take.

I did gain weight. I needed to, and I ate A LOT. The more consistent weight gain I had the more consistent weight gain my baby had. And that’s what all this laying around was for…a fat and healthy baby. My 36 week-er weighed 6lbs 6oz. He was a great size. AND my milk came in on day two. Yep…day TWO!!!

I kept up the quality fat diet when I came home, and I still eat a quality fat diet 9 months postpartum. I have lost more than 30 pounds eating quality fat and my baby has gained rolls in places you cannot imagine. I am not where I want to be “fit wise”, but my priorities right now are to eat well, sleep well and feed a baby. One day I’ll work harder on the squish, but for now it stays. The squish is a good sign my baby is getting optimal nutrition.

My milk has a thick half-inch layer of hind milk in pumped bottles. I never had the quality milk I’m producing now when I was breastfeeding the girls. They definitely weren’t skin and bones, but I  wish they would have had this milk.

In fact, my youngest is nine months old and really isn’t a big fan of baby food. He gags at the texture of baby food like Rick The Caveman gagged on the olive. (Check out that hilarity here.) He gets 95 percent of his nutrition from nursing and he is in the 75th percentile for weight. He’s doing just fine gaining weight on mostly breast milk.  

My advice is to get the skinny on a quality fat diet and adopt it. You won’t regret it. One of my sweet friends is much cooler than me and did a little experiment with her milk. She stopped eating a quality fat diet for 24 hours and then went back to the quality fat diet. These were the results. Believe it.

"Low fat" diet on the left. Quality fat diet on the right.

"Low fat" diet on the left. Quality fat diet on the right.

But you thought saturated fats were TERRIBLE for you. Well, so did I. So do a lot of people. They aren’t. That’s bunk info. Read this article Mark wrote about the misconceptions of fat.

I mean, look around America. We’ve been cutting saturated fats for years and look what that's gotten us...that plan's not working. We have higher rates of obesity than ever before, we have increased rates of degenerative and autoimmune diseases, etc. etc. etc. Look. Around.

We NEED saturated fats for stronger bones, stronger liver function, improved brain function, and improved immune systems. Our oxidative energy systems (the ones we all use most of the time) fuel themselves primarily with fat.

Don’t shy away from the saturated fat. The benefits are immeasurable to a pregnant and nursing Mama, and most importantly to the baby you are growing and feeding. Saturated fats have been around a lot longer than processed, hydrogenated oils or low-fat, fake foods.

And, generally, anything good for babies or pregnant women is good for the rest of us.

Need some help getting good fats in your diet? Check out these great products from Jayson and Mira Calton -- their Skinny Fat is one of the best sources of fat Mark and I have found. And use $5simplyhuman when you checkout to get 5 bucks off.

Don't fear the fat. Your body needs it. What you should fear, is the sugars, grains and vegetable oils. Eat human food and enjoy yourself!