You Can't Handle the Truth -- But Here it Comes Anyway

So the truth is kids are brutally honest at some of the worst times. I can think of a jillion stories about how kids were "too honest" when I was teaching in public schools. Now I have kids of my own and, what do you know, they do the same thing. They are as delinquent as the kids I taught!

We all fear it. We fear being the recipient of their truths. We fear our kids being too truthful with other people. It's unavoidable so put the fear aside and laugh your booty off. Cause it's funny stuff, people. Here are a couple of stories and photos to take your anxiety down a notch. 


Kid - "Teacher, teacher, I can see your butt."

Teacher - "Honey that's not my butt, it's my cleavage."


Kid - "Mom what happened to your face?"

Mom (Jenn) - [Embarrassingly says while trying with all her might not to snap a hand over the God forsaken zit she has in her 30's.] "Honey, I don't know what you're talking about."

Kid - "Yes you do. I think you need a band aid. That is disgusting."


Dad (Mark) -- "Hey, put your shoes on, let's go to the store."

Kid -- "Dad, you smell, you need to take a shower or everyone will think you're stinky."

Dad (Mark) -- [humorless, blank stare] 

What's up with these creatures being so forthcoming? Well, their frontal lobes are still developing -- specifically the prefrontal cortex. You know, that section of the brain that weighs outcomes, forms judgments and controls impulses and emotions. And it's not expected to be fully developed until their mid-20's.

They also have perception bound thinking (for example, when it's raining outside kids think it's raining everywhere). Combine that with no filter and you have little beings that say what they want when they want, and we all know some grown ups who never "grew out" of that. 

My advice when your kids say something rude or offensive during an honest spell is to unclench your fist, take a deep breath, laugh a little and use it to teach. I mean, we signed up for this parenting gig so we kinda gotta teach our kids about life. Part of life is realizing when to say stuff and when to keep it to yourself. You know the old saying, "if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all". That saying was created specifically for children between the ages of 3-8.

Now it's your turn to share your stories of kids being brutally honest. Keep it clean folks, this is a family friendly site. Happy sharing!!! I can't wait to read the hilarity!


P.S. Telling your husband he smells and needs to take a shower or brush his teeth does not apply here. That can and should happen at any time it applies.