Ain't no thang like a Mom thang

Okay so the title really doesn't have much to do with this post but it's funny. Well at least it's funny to this tired Mom.

A little about the mom you will hear from the most...

My name is Jenn and I'm a wife. I'm the wife to the creator of Simply Human Lifestyle. I think he's rad and the man who gave me my three gorgeous kiddos can still give me butterflies. How's that for love?! We've been married for 11 years. We started our life together living in an alley apartment the size of most living rooms. We were poor. We were naive. We were newly married kids who bought a lot of boxed pasta dinners, cheap coffee, and Vines (the off brand of Twizzlers). We have evolved into mostly responsible adults with a house, jobs, a couple of dogs and three kids. 

Our kids (two daughters and one son) have motivated us to be more aware and more healthy. We educate ourselves in whatever way we can. It's important that we give our kids a head start with their nutrition and overall wellness. We believe we owe that to them. While they don't have fully developed frontal lobes it's our responsibility to make sound decisions about what goes into their bodies. There will be plenty of time in the future for them to live on boxed pasta dinners and Vines. For now we will use our executive functions to jump start their lives with optimal health and overall wellness. In other words...WE ARE THE BOSS BY GOLLY!!

Simply Human MOMS will likely make you laugh, cry, feel challenged or validated and say "ohhhhhhhhh''. We will explore topics such as breastfeeding, kids and chiropractors, post postpartum depression, colic, nutrition, time out, making kids apologize, brain development, moral development and so much more. These topics will be current. They will provide leading research and the most current events. I hope to have guest writers to give a more broad perspective. I sure don't claim to know it all about kids or families or being a mom. I despise the idea of judging other moms, so hopefully the content won't come off that way. If it does, kindly (because to this southern girl manners are important) rebut! I mean who doesn't love reading a good debate.

Stay tuned and join us on this journey! Dad's are welcome too. Just make sure you have on a wig and a skirt so you can fit in. That last sentence just created a whole new topic for me to cover.

I leave you with this.