Restaurant Guide - No sugars. No Grains.

My restaurant guide will hopefully be a tool to use (before I can get my App designed!) to let you know what you can eat when all you have as a choice is the restaurant you're at. Hope this helps...just search any genre or restaurant and hopefully your selection will have been covered. Hopefully restaurants are a once-in-a-while thing since even the best foods at most restaurants aren't the best quality you can get. And remember, grass fed should be what you consume the majority of the time. Eating out should be limited. Also, alot of times I'm not even hungry at lunchtime so if I'm at a restaurant for lunch I'll just get a salad and skip the meat since it's probably not grass fed.


no chips, no tortillas. Eat the salsa with a spoon like gazpacho. Order beef, chicken or shrimp fajitas. Tell them you want extra grilled veggies instead of rice and beans. When it comes, smother the meat and veggies in sour cream, guacamole, salsa, cheese, pico de gallo and lettuce. Enjoy.


any of the meat smothered in as many veggies and salsas as you can imagine. Doublesteak bowl with cheese pico guac sour cream and lettuce. No beans, rice or tortilla. You will be full. 


just don't eat -- you're better off starving


any steak, chicken or fish. Make sure it's not cooked in vegetable oil or have any honey glaze or other sweetener. any veggie. Big salad (no croutons). Dressing = oil and vinegar or nothing. No rolls or fries. Ask for sour cream for your steak. Grain fed meats have more toxins in the fat so I'd go for the leaner cuts. When you have grass fed meat option, get the fattest cut. Easy on the potato. Steamed veggies are best as sides.


this will be tough but just get a big salad and ask for the mat that goes on the pasta dishes. They will oblige. You have money. They will probably have grilled veggie options, too.


any fish with steamed or grilled veggies.  


biggest hamburger you can get. Double cheese. No bun or fries. Load your plate with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and onions. Mustard is good. No ketchup -- it's just red sugar. 

#Ghengis Grill

this is a fun one. As much meat & eggs and as many veggies as you can possibly get. No rice.  

#barbecue BBQ

careful with the BBQ sauce -- most is loaded with sugar. Get sausage or fatty cut of brisket, chicken thighs, pulled pork. Combine that with a salad. Cole slaw, potato salad, corn, green beans, potatoes, are all things I try to steer clear of. Just get more meat.  


sashimi, avocados. Avoid edamame (soy beans) 

#Jason's Deli / McAlister's

go crazy on veggies. Load 'em up. Grilled chicken is OK at these places too. Dressings should be limited to oil and vinegar (red wine or balsamic). Nuts, olives, pickles, peppers. Avoid the crackers, ice cream, ice cream cones, muffins, dried fruit (which is loaded with sugar)

#Jimmie johns

unwhich on pretty much any sandwhich. 

#Five Guys Burger and Fries

burger bowl with plenty of toppings to choose from. 

#Noodles and Company

lettuce wraps, just ask for no sauce and an extra side of chicken, steak, or shrimp.


omelette, usually the most bang for your buck.