Liver and Onions

Here's how I make my favorite liver dish:

I thaw out 1 lb of frozen liver and soak in fresh lemon juice for anywhere from 3-8 hours.

I put seasoning in a freezer bag -- get creative. I use salt, pepper, mustard seed, turmeric, cayenne pepper, paprika and arrow root powder. I run the liver under cold water, pat dry, then put the liver in the bag and shake it all around.  

I cook a package of bacon in a pan on the stove, remove the bacon and leave the sizzling, popping grease and fat. Stove is on high at this point.

I put the coated liver in the fat and sear it on both sides for 45 seconds then remove it. 

I cut up a whole onion and some garlic and throw that in the pan which is full of bacon grease and liver residue. Once the onion caramelizes, I turn the heat to medium and throw the liver back on with a couple of tomatoes cut into chunks. 

I pour on some balsamic vinegar or white balsamic vinegar and put a piece of cut up bacon in the pan -- let all the flavors kind of simmer for a few minutes. 

Most of the time, I take the pan off heat, let cool, then eat it right out of the pan. That way I don't lose any of the food or flavor. One of my favorites. I try to do at least once a week.