Base Post-Workout Recovery Smoothie

1 scoop vega protein: 93 calories, 10g protein, 2g fat, 8g carbs
10 cubes of ice
12 oz water
1/2 tsp maca powder
1/2 tbsp spirulina
1 cup blueberries: 84 calories, 1.1g protein, 0.5g fat, 21.4g carbs
2 cups spinach (or any gren leafy): 14 calories, 1.7g protein, 0.2g fat, 2.2g carbs
1 tbsp flaxseed: 40 calories, 1.5g protein, 3g fat, 2g carbs
small sprinkle of chia (after it's blended)

That's the base. Variations include fresh veggie or fruit juice, ginger, maca powder, spirulina, other green leafy veggies, hemp protein, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, hemp seed, chlorella, any berry.