The belief that a low carbohydrate diet is unbalanced is often expressed another way - it’s labeled ‘extreme’. Because it is viewed as extreme in the restriction of a macronutrient we happen to cherish as a cultural icon, there is an analogous perception that the diet is unpalatable and difficult to adhere to over time.
— Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living (Phinney & Volek)
It will never be the perfect time to do epic things that are bigger than you are...or things that are worth doing. If you want to do worthwhile, inspiring things, make the necessary sacrifices, get it done and stop making excuses.
— Mark Rogers
Fear is what makes you come alive, the lure of the unknown — can I do this? — that’s where the growth comes from, the pain. I don’t remember the running effortlessly; I remember the hard times; adversity breathes transformation.
— Scott Jurek
Sometimes you just do things...
— Scott Jurek's father
No citizen has any right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training; it is part of his profession as a citizen to keep himself in good is a disgrace for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and the strength of which his body is capable.
— Xenophone -- Greek Historian
The thing is, it’s very dangerous to have a fixed idea. A person with a fixed idea will always find some way of convincing himself in the end that he is right.
— Atle Selberg, winner of the 1950 Fields Medal in Mathematics