Exercise is a vital component of the Simply Human Lifestyle. But there is a happy medium of exercise volume that keeps you optimally healthy -- not too much, not too little. A healthy exercise program will resemble moving in ways that humans were designed to move. If you lived in the forest or mountains with a large group of people and hunted and gathered for your food -- you would not wake up in the morning and jog for an hour. That's what I mean by "resemble moving in ways that humans were designed to move." 

Exercising has nothing do with burning calories or creating a caloric deficit to lose weight and EVERYTHING to do with helping you control insulin levels, keeping your brain healthy and happy, and keeping your muscles toned and ready for action!

I am an experienced endurance event participant. I've done an Ironman and 5 marathons and 4 half Ironmans. I know what it means to literally run yourself into the ground. I don't think endurance events are evil -- but I believe when you participate in an endurance event, you are putting optimal health on the back-burner during the training and on race day. 

Training for and running for marathons or Ironman is NOT a path to overall health. Endurance events are a MAJOR stressor on your system and should be done in moderation and with full understanding of the physical and psychological impact the event will have on you. 

Moving slow includes walking, slowly jogging, swimming, rowing, cycling at a comfortable pace a little bit every day. It includes lifting heavy things -- I focus on squat, dead lift, bench press and shoulder press. It involves mobility (things like foam rolling and banded distraction). Running on a treadmill for an hour a day is not a way to realize the healthiest version of yourself. I keep a log of how I move every day on the Simply Human -- Dailiy page.

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