AM -- woke at 7:30, almost 11 hours! needed that

PM -- in bed around midnight (all that sleep last night made it hard to get tired tonight!)


NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

3:30 -- 1 pound of beef rib meat

Dinner -- Jason's Deli (roasted turkey, avocado, ground mustard)...cheese

that rib kicked my butt! 


10 warmup (breathing/activating core)

4 x 5 hang clean (catch in full squat) with 135#

4 x 8 Good morning with 95# superset with 4 x 8 super-wide grip strict pulls

4 x 8 horizontal rows with the cable machine super set with 4 x 20 russian twist with 40# DB


60 seconds of dead lift at 40% 1RM (155#) 

30 sec rest

60 seconds box jump (stepping down each rep) 24" box

30 sec rest

3 rounds

70 total DLs and 55 total box jumps

breathing/core cool down


  • haven't gotten that much sleep in a LONG TIME
  • did about 15 minutes of breathing/core work this morning
  • meditated for 10 minutes
  • lunch with my brother and a friend
  • great workout -- got to take my sweet time, and felt great, too
  • got lots of work done and have a guest blogger on the site now (Simply Human Kids page)