SHL -- Friday


AM -- didn't sleep tonight -- up at 10:30 PM last night with a puking 3 year one point she flung vomit into my face and I started vomiting about an hour later -- my 5 year old started at 7:30 AM

I did sleep on and off throughout the day between bouts of "fun"

PM -- finally made it to bed around 10 PM after getting some food into my daughter


nothing at all this morning -- I did the opposite of eat for most of the day

when I finally felt like I could eat something I had:

bone broth with sea salt

3 bowls of white rice cooked in butter and bone broth

2 bananas

1 apple


jack nothing today -- could hardly sit up most of the day


haha -- guess the only thing I enjoyed about today was the perspective that it could be much worse.