Ep 38 Sarah Fragoso Interview and a Hypnotic Uncle

On today's show we interview author, speaker, chef, mom and motivator, Sarah Fragoso. Then it's back to some more Uncle Stories with my dad's brother, Paul. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is -- get your greens by using a smoothie.

Before we talk to Sarah, Rick and I discuss a car connundrum, burps, Canada day, and I finally got the iTunes feed to show all the shows!!! I'm so happy.

We talk to Sarah about dealing with technology, being heavy and sick, wearing your husbands sweatpants, getting started, getting a dog, diet and exercise myths, poodle aerobics, being mistaken for a college student, cookbooks, Cadillac or Nissan?, and music. There's also a joke about a bear and pooping your pants towards the so be sure to watch out for that. 

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