Ep 34 Chad Walding Interview and Storytime with Durant

On today's show Rick and I interview physical therapist and Edward Norton, Jr lookalike, Chad Walding. Then we spend a few funny minutes with John Durant, author of the Paleo Manifesto, in the Humans Being Human segment. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is -- get up and move every 30-45 minutes.

Before we call Chad, Rick and I discuss why Rick's kids are driving him bonkers, luxurious hair, Rick’s cop corner & going too slow, reviews and the Humans Being Human Open.

We talk to Chad about the love of movement, too much flex, responses to bearing load, body positions affecting behavior & happiness, sitting better, standing desks, frequent movement, building endurance to stand and sit correctly, using therabands at your desk, kids and movement, and spending time with family

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