SHL -- Tuesday


AM -- woke a little before 6 AM

PM -- in bed by 11:15


NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

coffee with cinnamon, butter and MCT

post workout shake

dinner -- leftover beef tips // salad // bowl of cashews, mangos, raisins

snack -- dark chocolate // popcorn


10' warmup


sets of 3 with 140, 175 and 205 (deload week)


1 set of 5 power clean with 135, 2 x 5 with 155


sets to failure -- 15, 12, 10 (strict pulls)

mobility and stretching


  • possibly trading in van for a new vehicle. Coolness factor will increase, monthly payment will decrease.
  • watched frozen outside with girls tonight (community event). I have actually never seen the movie).
  • recorded last co-hosting gig with Jason Seib of Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast
  • We were on the news tonight!