SHL -- Tuesday


AM -- ugh...woke at 4 AM then slept from around 7-9. Being this far north and in EST is really throwing Hunter off. He wakes up at 4 AM (3 his time) just rarin' to go -- total of about 5 hours

PM -- in bed a little after midnight


NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

post workout shake (same as yesterday)

lunch -- kale salad with chicken and tuna

dinner -- carne asada, grilled onion, rice and black beans in a fried plantain // sushi

dessert -- frozen peaches // dark chocolate


walk with Hunter

10' knee mobility

walked to gym

shoulder warmup


sets of 2 with 135, 155 and 170 (my projected one rep max stayed steady at 180)


24 reps weighted pulls with 45# (6 sets)

24 reps weighted dips with 70# (3 sets)

2 x 10 goblet squat with 40#

15 depth drops from 30" box

mobility (shoulders, hips, knees, back) spent a LOT of time on mobility today (at least 30 minutes)

Every morning I do extensive work on my  knees and it makes HUGE difference (I'll video my program)

13K steps today


  • walk with boy this morning
  • good workout
  • talked to girls on video call this afternoon -- missing them
  • sitters tonight and went to dinner with my wife, brother and sister in law
  • lots of walking today
  • got to feed and hold my niece for about an hour this evening
  • my son is the smiliest, happiest little thing I've ever seen