Ep 33 Wil Fleming Interview and Naming Underwear

On today's show it's an interview with nationally renowned strength and conditioning coach and host of the hugely popular Performance Podcast, Wil Fleming. Then it's another Humans Being Human segment with Rick and me and a story about why you should never write your name on the band of your whitey tighties. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is...learn something new.

Before we talk to Wil, Rick and I talk about sleeping in pee, a pizza recipe, and read some reviews. Don't forget about the Nutreince and Skinny Fat coupon codes (listed below). We are still taking submissions for the Humans Being Human Open -- if you have a funny or outrageous story, share it with us and maybe we can have you as a guest on the show.

We talk to Wil about movnat, sustainability of lifting weights, funny terms in olympic lifting, a 300 pound snatch, injuries, Antifragile by Nassim Taleb, crossfit elevator speech, varying your training program, explosive/plyometrics, push, pull, squat, hinge, time wasters, single-joint movements, training kids, dos remedios, performance podcast, posters, and gardening.

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