Ep 31 John Durant Interview and Childhood Memories Part II

On today's show we interview the incredibly smart and thought-provoking, modern caveman, John Durant -- author of the Paleo Manifesto. Then it's Part II of Childhood Memories with my brother, Jeff, and a story about a prank gone horribly wrong. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is "grow something in the dirt."

We talk to John about evolutionary psychology, Art Devanny, Colbert Report with John Durant, shaving body hair, confidence, Disgust, bodily fluids, open wounds, explaining morning sickness, eating boogers, Moses the Microbiologist, infectious disease, Sunday school, sex with animals, hand washing, thermoregulation, cold showers, brown adipose tissue, Turkish baths, and uninstalling Twitter from your phone.

Before we talk to John, Rick and I discuss iTunes reviews, expired registration stickers in the Rick's Cop Corner segment, the Humans Being Human Open, and pythons in your toilet. If you want to be on the show with a Humans Being Human story -- email the show!

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Stuff we talk about:


the today show vibram story link


The Paleo Manifesto on Amazon

python in toilet

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