SHL -- Thursday


AM -- woke a little after 7 AM // total of about 9 hours

PM -- in bed by 10 PM // awakened by a 3-year old at 11 PM but went straight back to sleep // up at 4 AM to pee and check swing set (hoping the high winds hadn't blown it down)


NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

glood sugar was 96 this morning -- too high

morning -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

post workout -- protein shake (protein, spirulina, frozen berries, water, bone broth, raw egg) // packet of tuna & raw salad (I'm going to start eating a little more during the day. Still do about a 16 hour fast every day not counting fatty coffee. Still trying to put on muscle while keeping body fat low.)

protein shake had 300 cals // 15 carbs // 35 protein

Dinner -- chuck steaks from two days ago // steamed broccoli // protein shake (protein, water, ice, spirulina) // salad (spinach, pickle, avocado, olive oil, tomatoes, bell pepper

2,650 kcal // 63 carbs (10%) // 184 fat (60%) // 198 protein (30%)


extensive mobility and warmup


1 x 2 with 230# // 1 x 2 with 255# // 1 x 3 with 285# (new "post-football" squat PR of 315# according to the Wendler calculation)


3 x 5 with 135# // 2 x 5 with 155# (all power cleans from floor) // 2 x 2 with 185#

definitely getting better on the power clean

3 x 10 glute-ham raises (very weak on this movememt)

3 x 10 single leg romanian dead lift holding 53# kettle bell


neutral grip pullups throughout the day -- 50 total for the day (sets of 10)

hip flexor and hip mobility before bed


  • I decided that my new "phase" of life is going to be a get big and strong phase which is fun. I bought some protein and am going to start eating at different times, drinking protein shakes, changing things up a bit. Yet another experiment. Something I enjoy.
  • Really been focusing hard on mobility last few days. Hips and pelvis mainly.
  • Very happy with squats today.
  • Downloaded the Coach's Eye app which is awesome. Recorded my squats with it today.