Ep 29 @EvaTwardokens Returns and Bakery Stories Part II

On today's show Eva T returns: 2-time member of the US Olympic team, strength and conditioning coach, age defy-er, and dental hygienist! Then it's Part II of our conversation with Rick's brother, Rob, as we reminisce on Bakery Stories. We wrap up with our Simply Human Tip of the Week which is: own who you are and be OK with that.

Before we talk to Eva T, Rick and I discuss a common traffic light violation, Easter, and deep tissue massage.

Eva talks to Rick and me about flossing, Russia and instagram censorship, liquid explosions, training and stress, types of athletes, exit strategies, 8 weeks out by Joel Jamieson, HRV testing, James O’Keefe TED talk, owning who you are, defying aging, MDME minimum dose maximum effect training, insulting pregnant women, and the paleo label.

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flossing video featuring me

TED talks James O'Keefe -- Run for Your Life

iThlete HRV

sweet beat HRV

Eva T strength and conditioning


8 weeks out

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