SHL -- Saturday


AM -- not a great night of sleep, my knee tightened up before I went to bed and was hurting pretty bad any time I'd move at all // was up around 3 // then again at 5:30 AM and just got up and studied for my CSCS exam // total of around 7 hours

PM -- in bed by 10:30 PM


Blood sugar was 81 -- good.

NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

morning -- decaf with MCT and butter (tbsp each)

pre and post workout -- typical stuff (see previous days)

dinner -- grilled prime ribs // avocado // tomatoes // 85% dark chocolate bar // white rice // baked sweet potatoes with butter


Sprained my MCL pretty good somehow. I think the CF workout from last weekend weakened them -- haha weekend weakened. Then the dead lift and moving all that dirt is what threw it over the edge. Lots of pain. Decreased ROM. Going to ice and rest and just do upper body stuff until it's better.

43 total pullups

3 x 10 of:

band pull aparts

chest supported DB rows


eccentric hand stand pushups

band front and lateral raises

shrugs with 47#


  • went and got stuff for my garden with the family
  • grilled outside tonight
  • Paleo pancakes for the girls this morning