SHL -- Friday


AM -- alarm at 6 AM // snoozed until 6:30 // total of about 8 hours

PM -- tried to stay up and watch rangers on west coast to no avail // in bed by 10 PM


blood sugar was 80 this morning -- SHOCKING based on late night carbs

NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

morning -- decaf with nothing in it

before workout -- b-alanine concoction

BCAs during

after workout -- protein shake (see recipes tab)

dinner -- basically my lunch and dinner from yesterday in one huge, epic meal (liver, sweet potatoes, salmon, veggies, cottage cheese, rice)

snack -- cashews and decaf with butter and MCT since I missed it this morning

around 2,300 kcal and about even macros (33/33/33 ish)


10' warmup and mobility


set of 3 with 265 // set of 3 with 300 // set of 4 with 340


3 X 5 power with 135

3 x 5 top down clean work (stopping just below knees and back to starting position at top)


3 x 10 chest supported DB rows with 47#

6 x 10 band pull aparts

3 x 10 thoracic extensions on the GHD with 25#

30 total pullups

(my right MCL felt a little tight right before I started this workout -- by the end of it, I could tell something was not right)


I built a 12x6 foot raised bed gardend with 2x12x12s. I had 2.5 yards of dirt dumped into my driveway and spent three hours in the evening transferring it from the driveway into a wheel barrow then into the backyard and into the garden. Total of about 5,000 pounds of dirt -- great workout, but didn't help my ailing knee any.

Pretty tired when I ate dinner.


  • Built garden and got it filled with dirt.
  • Haelyn helped me while I transferred dirt.
  • Great to enjoy the outside and sunlight despite it being a bit windy.
  • Breakfast date with my mom and daughters this morning.
  • Hunter is 6 months old today!