Simply Human Lifestyle -- Monday


AM -- woke at 6:30 AM // up from 2:30-3:30 AM with a coughing 4 year old // total of about 7 hours

PM -- up too late on computer // in bed around 11:15 PM


NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

nada until 1 PM then -- green apple with almond butter // cashews // protein shake with bone marrow and raw egg

Dinner -- salmon salad from Jasons with lots of veggies // frozen fruit & cashews


zippo -- still incredibly sore from last week and Saturday


  • Monday Gymnastics and Jason's date is always a good time.
  • Picked the girls up and went to the store today at lunchtime.
  • Released Episode 28 of the podcast -- one of my favorite so far.