SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- woke at 6:45 to a child throwing up...perfect. // total of about 8 hours, think I'm getting caught back up

PM -- went to bed on floor next to couch with sick kiddo around 11 PM


NUTREINCE first thing upon waking and PM dose at night (click on link and use $10simplyhuman to get $10 off)

dealing with a sick kid today so I didn't have anything until fatty coffee at 1 PM

during workout - BCAs

after workout -- protein shake with berries, Karbolyn, maca powder, spirulina, raw egg, ice, MCT good

dinner -- primal ground meat & 1.5 eggs with steamed broccoli and avocado // raw salad with tomatoes and olive oil and raw cheese


10' warmup and mobility (really hammering thoracic mobility)


set of 5 with 180 // set of 5 with 210 // set of 8 with 240 (very happy about that number)


3 x 4 with 135 power clean, stand up, then front squat

singles with 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 200 and 211 (new post football power clean PR, feet stayed shoulder width // normally the shoot way wide when I go over 200#)

3 x 10 romanian DL with 53# kettle bell

3 x 10 band pull aparts

2 x 10 dead hang pulls

2 x 10 single arm bent rows with 53#

total of 30 pulls today

stretched and mobility


  • had a great workout today
  • hard to enjoy today when my girl is so sick -- we ruled out a bunch of stuff today so that's good. This just keeps happening -- cyclical vomiting. Want some answers.
  • Listened to the Performance Podcast in bulk. Got caught up. Wil Fleming has become a good friend and he's the man so that's good.