SHL -- Saturday


AM -- woke a little before 7 AM // total of less than 7 hours

PM -- glasses on by 8 PM // fell asleep putting girls to bed around 9:30 PM


morning -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

afternoon -- handful of cashews // raw cheese

dinner -- fajitas and a ridiculously large amount of grilled veggies // salsa // raw cheese // 85% dark chocolate // 4 carob cubes


10' warm up

didn't have a spotter so instead of max bench I did 2x2 at 95% with was 260. That was also my max when I started heavy lifting again five months ago.

3x3 hang clean with 135

3x3 hang clean with 155

1x3 hang clean with 185

10' as many rounds as possible

8 pushup

8 reverse bench

8 squats

10 rounds + 4 pushups



Looking forward to a week of disconnecting!

Got a 30x50 inch duffel bag which, when fully packed, weighs about 2,000 pounds. Now I only have to pack one bag instead of 65 small bags.

Helped my father in law move 45 fifty pound bags of mulch.

Got some good rain today.