SHL -- Friday


AM -- alarm woke me at 5 AM // earliest I've had to wake up in more than six months // total of about 6 hours sleep

PM -- glasses on by 8 PM // lots of work to do tonight so didn't get in bed until around midnight


morning -- green tea (work meeting) // coffee with butter, cinnamon and MCT

lunch -- Newks in plano (salad with beef and pecans and veggies)

dinner -- 6 scrambled eggs // 2 boiled eggs // raw cheese // 2 large salads from jason's // baking chocolate // cashews

snack -- handful of carob raisins and carob cubes


didley today


Had one of the most rewarding days in three years at my current job. Really an awesome day.

Gymnastics with the girls and dinner date afterwards.

Took some pics with a good friend today whom I enjoy being around a lot.

Great coming home from a trip and seeing my family -- makes my day.