SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- woke a little before 7 AM, no alarm // actually woke up at 5 AM and was completely alone in the bed which is extremely rare for my bed at 5 AM...usually 3 or 4 bodies in it // total of about 8.5 hours

PM -- glass on around 7:40 PM // in bed by 11 PM


NUTREINCE first thing

morning -- coffee with MCT, butter and cinnamon

lunch -- Saltgrass steak salad (greens, tomatoes, potatoes, steak)

dinner -- Central Market (sushi -- raw tuna/salmon and avocado roll, large salad from salad bar, baking chocolate, macadamia nuts, raw cheese)


10' mobility and warmup

dead lift 1 rep max 350 (I have purposely not tried to improve my dead lift 1 rep max weight but instead tried to improve my form on 350. I should be able to start jumping the weight up pretty soon.)

3 x 10 reverse bench press (upper back/shoulder exercise)

10 DB thrusters 47#  - 1 box jump 24"

9 thrusters - 2 jumps


1 thruster - 10 jumps

9:24 -- legs and shoulders were absolute toast.

That's four straight days of very heavy lifting. Looking forward to the next couple of days to just move slow alot.


My bio went up on the Paleo f(x) website today. Incredibly cool and humbling experience. I feel like Lorenzo Williams being compared to Michael Jordan or something. Very few people will understand that reference -- ha.

Had lunch with two former collegiate teammates and it was really awesome.

Dinner at central market is always good.

Feels good to be as sore as I am.