SHL -- Tuesday


AM -- woke at 7:15 to girls singing in their room // total of about 8.5 hours

PM -- glasses on by 7:30 PM // in bed by 10:30 PM


morning -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

pre and post workout -- BCAs and creatine

1:45 PM -- bone broth with coconut oil and sea salt

Dinner -- leftover kidney stew // raw salad // baking chocolate // raw cheese // cashews // carrots & almond butter


10' warm up

set a new squat 1 rep max (post football playing days) of 300#!! Super excited about that. (although I have some perspective as someone who once squatted close to 500)

worked up with reps on 185, 225, 250, 275 then 300. Got a video of it and was pretty happy with my form, too.

3 x max reps neutral grip pulls (16, 10, 8)

3 x 10 reverse bench

3 x hang cleans (1: 135 x 5, 2: 155 x 5, 3: 185 x 3)

I need to move slow more -- sleep has taken up my "walk" time as I keep getting sleep deprived and then try to get caught back up


new squat PR -- haven't hit 300 pounds on a squat since probably 2000. Have only attempted it once since then and got it but not without a little help -- and my form was garbage.

Making new batch of bone broth.

Girls slept good last night -- finally.

My wife is getting her braces off in 6 weeks!

Got all my tax info turned in to my accountant -- one less thing to worry about!

Have gotten several calls/emails lately from folks in coaching that are seeing some AMAZING results -- that always makes me happy.