SHL -- Friday


AM -- woke around 8 AM // total of about 8 hours (woke up once around 5:30)

PM -- glasses on by 8 PM // had trouble falling asleep but finally did around 11:15 PM


I am going to track calories for at least a week (maybe more) as a way to recalibrate and see where my macro nutrients are. Not because I am going to starve myself (still trying to put on muscle) -- it's just good to do that every once in a while since we live in a world of continuous abundance. The "simply human" way would be to NEVER track but there would be a natural feast and famine cycle of eating with a natural assortment of seasonal and indigenous foods.

10 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon (300 calories, 36g fat, 0 protein and carbs)

1:30 PM -- bone broth with 1 tbsp coconut oil

blood sugar was 84 before dinner -- ketones were 0.2 (that tells me that I've been eating way too may carbs lately)

6:30 PM -- 16 oz raw liver slow cooked in crock pot with 2 oz onion and 1 can diced tomatoes // 8 oz raw cheese // cabbage salad with avocado/olive oil dessing


2,218 calories -- 157g fat // 155g protein // 53g carbs (funny -- cholesterol for the day was 500% of my "recommended" daily value -- haha). That's about 64% calories from fat and 27% from protein.


10' mobility warm up


5x 165# // 5x 190# // 8x 215#

3 x 10 reverse bench

6 x eccentric hand stand push up

6 x DB bent row with 47#



home to see the family -- really hard traveling but great coming home

gymnastics and Jason's tonight

loving the warm weather!!

Got mentioned on Orangebloods website by someone!! If it was you, tell me! I'm curious -- and thanks!

Brother and Sister in law had their baby yesterday.