SHL -- Sunday


AM -- awake from 3-5:30 AM with girls that COULD NOT STOP COUGHING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD // slept from 5:30 - 7:30 // total of about 8 hours thanks to the 8:45 PM bed time

PM -- in bed by 10 PM


NUTREINCE first thing

morning -- coconut flakes (no coffee)

lunch -- leftover broccoli cuts with butter on top // 1/2 pound sausage // 1/2 pound brisket // bowl of frozen mangos, berries, raisins and cashews // 85% dark chocolate

dinner -- bowl of stew that Jenn made earlier in the week (grass fed stew meat, potatoes, veggies)

Stopped eating at 6 PM


10' warm up and mobility

3x3 dead lift at 300# (felt really good)

for around 20 minutes I fooled around with hang clean, clean, clean and jerk, BB bent rows with weights ranging from 135 to 185 pounds

stretched and mobility (really focusing hard on hips and spine)


everyone was better today and we took it easy

watched Gravity from 4-5:30 AM since the girls were coughing their heads off and I couldn't sleep -- good movie