SHL -- Saturday


AM -- woke at 7:30 to a little girl reading a book on the floor next to the bed // total of more than 8 hours

PM -- felt pretty crummy tonight (sore throat is only symptom) // went to bed as soon as I get girls down -- before 9:30 PM


morning -- decaf with MCT, butter and cinnamon // feeling hungry so I had some carrots and about 2 tbsp almond butter and a few handfuls of coconut flakes (that cured it). I like to mix it up and break up the typical 20 hour daily fast every now and then by eating early in the day one or two days per week -- keep my body guessing.

Glucose was 90 mid-afternoon which is good after what I had late this morning

Dinner -- liver stew with carrots, garlic and tomatoes // dove wrapped in bacon and grilled


recovery day -- still creatine loading -- walked 30' with a baby on the treadmill (1 mile)


made ramekin pancakes with the girls this morning

went and got eggs from a farm with girls then went and got my car washed

grilled some yummy stuff with friends tonight