SHL -- Friday


AM -- woke to no alarm at 6:30 AM // total of 8 hours sleep

PM -- in bed by 11 PM // glasses on before 8 PM


morning -- decaf with butter, MCT and cinnamon

lunch -- 14 oz steamed broccoli with olive oil and butter with a packet of tuna mixed into it // a few handfuls of raw coconut flakes // 1/2 pickle

pre and post-workout -- creatine and BCAs (1 tsp of each)

post-workout -- 2 leftover grass fed beef hot dog links

Dinner -- 1 peeled sweet potato cubed and cooked in 1 tbsp of coconut oil until semi-soft // 5 eggs, cilantro and 2 roma tomatoes dumped on top of it, cooked, then some salsa poured on top of it post-cooking  // 1/2 of a large spaghetti squash with my homemade ketchup // handful of cashews // I am absolutely stuffed. That was really good.

snack -- 2 oz baking chocolate about 8 PM


played in the snow in the front yard. Couldn't let snow melt without trying to make the biggest snow ball I could possibly make. This thing was HEAVY, and I was a dripping, sweaty mess by the time I stopped rolling it all over the yard.


10' warm up

1 rep max bench -- 275# (new post-football PR - all-time PR is 365)

2 x

2' max rep pullups (20 each round)

1' rest

2' max rep sit ups (57 then 62 reps)

1' rest

2' max rep kettle bell swings 35# (59 then 63)

stretched and mobility (lats and mid back)


Came home a few hours early and surprised the girls this morning. Always fun having two cute little munchkins scream and run into your arms.

Played outside in the snow. I get to build a snowman like the one pictured above about once every 4 years.

Glad it's Friday and we have nothing planned this weekend.