SHL -- Thursday


AM -- woke at 7:15 AM // total of about 8.5 hours of sleep

PM -- glasses on a 8 PM // asleep before the Tonight Show started


9 AM -- decaf with cinnamon, butter and MCT oil

Noon -- grilled salmon salad with olive oil

Dinner -- 16 oz ribeye // dinner salad // grilled asparagus // 2 oz baking chocolate

snack -- couple handfuls of cashews

started loading with creatine today -- we'll see how that goes


So I was a little frustrated this evening since I had been driving and sitting in meetings all day. There was no chance for a long walk -- then I thought, "there's been no chance because you have CREATED no chance."

So when I got to the restaurant I had dinner at, I hit the reset on the trip mileage deal and went 0.6 miles before I parked. It was cold but I got a 1.2 mile walk in before and after dinner. It'll work.


  • One thing I didn't enjoy about today was missing a snow day with my kids.
  • Lunch with some good friends I haven't seen in a while. Got to meet one of their sons, too.
  • Enjoyed my walk before and after dinner.
  • Watched a stand up deal on Showtime tonight, and I laughed quite a lot.