SHL -- Weekend

On Thursday evening I went to a friend's wedding in Florida. I'll try and recap each of the 4 pillars below


Thursday -- got in bed close to midnight central time // was able to use glasses before bed

Friday -- up around 6 central time // didn't use glasses tonight and didn't get in bed until around 2 AM

Saturday -- up at 8 AM, slept terrible // no glasses tonight either and wasn't in bed until around 2 AM again

Sunday -- up at 7 AM, worst night of sleep I can remember // glasses on before 8 PM -- in bed by 10:00 PM


Thursday -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon // 1 bag of macadamia nuts

Friday -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon // coconut butter and cacao nibs before workout // BCAs after workout // dinner was 8 oz fillet, salad, potatoes and steamed veggies // snack - raw cheese

Saturday -- decaf with butter, MCT and cinnamon // morning wedding, had a few bloody marys before lunch // lunch was sea bass and veggies and a salad // dinner was an Irish Shepherd's pie (cheese, potatoes, bacon, lamb, veggies) - also had a couple of Innis and Gunn's with dinner which were my first beers since September) // snack was raw cheese and coconut butter

Sunday -- decaf with MCT, butter, and cinnamon // cacao nibs on the plane // dinner -- ribeye steak topped with guacamole, jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in bacon // grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon // mashed sweet potatoes // bowl of frozen strawberries and almonds


rested Thursday

Friday -- 

walked/jogged 2 miles to Gold's Gym

10' warm up

3x3 dead lift with 295 and 3 x 10 high pull with 95

4 x DB squats with 50# then max rep DB squats (reps were 8, 7, 8, 8) -- total time was 9:44


ran 2 miles back to hotel

Saturday -- nada

Sunday -- so sick of not walking that I walked from gate c16 to B25 at DFW airport which took me about 30 minutes -- had to have been more than a mile


Really great getting to hang out with guys that will always be great friends. Five of us in a small hotel room. We laughed. We argued (a lot -- that's what we do). We swam in the ocean. We did the robot at the wedding. We got to see a good friend get married. 

One of the guys reads this blog regularly -- he's clearly my favorite and the best looking and it's not even close. 

I listened to Snap Judgment podcast -- the "Found" show -- and was weeping walking through DFW -- the story about the six year old girl, Alayna. 

Really missed my babies but it's so good getting to see them after a few days gone. 

Loved cooking for them yesterday -- lots of time at the grill, making guac, wrapping bacon around a ton of vegetables, cooked Jenn burgers, too.