SHL -- Friday


AM -- woke at 7:30 no alarm // total of around 8.5 hours

PM -- glasses on by 7:30 PM // fell asleep on couch before 10:30 PM


NUTREINCE first thing in the morning

9 AM -- coffee with butter, MCT and cinnamon

Lunch -- romaine lettuce with large, grilled chicken breast and olive oil, couple slices of tomato

Dinner -- leftover Primal Chili // raw salad // 85% dark chocolate // bowl of frozen berries


lots of mobility work with our assistant strength coach -- hips // ankles // calves // quads

3x3 bench 235#

lots of power clean work using 135 and 185

3 x 10 bent row with 135 BB

3x8 reverse bench

3 x neutral grip pulls (10-8-8)

3 x straight arm band pulls

more mobility


Love hanging out at spring football practice

Lunch with one of our athletes

Interview with David King, personal trainer in Austin

Got great sleep again last night