SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- woke at 7:10 no alarm // total of about 8.5 hours

PM -- glasses on 7:45 PM // in bed before 11 PM


first thing -- my AM Nutreince multi-vitamin (been taking it since beginning of February and am sold -- I will use it indefinitely)

morning -- coffee with MCT, cinnamon and butter

pre workout -- BCAs, creatine, coconut flakes and a handful of cashews

post workout -- BCAs, creatine

dinner -- leftover buffalo chili from last night // raw cheese // baking chocolate // handful of cashews // bowl of frozen blueberries


10' warm up

3x3 squats with 247 -- felt great

3x max rep pull ups (14, 10, 10) -- very shocked at how far along my strict, overhand pullups have come

200 double unders in 4:55

stretched and mobility (calves and shins)


Hope was only sick for about 2 hours -- good to go today!

Squats felt really good today.

Got a TON of work done.

Had 522 page views yesterday -- all in about 5 hours and a new record. Post about school lunches did very well!