SHL -- Weekend


Saturday -- total of about 2 hours of sleep // Hunter up all night - theory is combined "new place", growth spurt, and sinus congestion // got to bed after midnight tonight

Sunday -- woke around 7:30 AM // total of about 6 hours // going to need some "catch up" time this week


Saturday -- coffee with MCT, butter and cinnamon // raw cheese & bone broth (not all at once) // steak, shrimp, potatoes, grilled veggies // 2 IPAs at dinner // macadamia nuts // 85% dark chocolate // right before bed: a few spoonfuls of Blue Bell ice cream (first ice cream I've had since May and I used to eat about a gallon a month -- seriously)

Sunday -- Greek salad in the morning from Central Market // combo fajitas with all the "human" toppings (sour cream, guac, salsa, pico, etc...), a lot of food at lunch // carob cubes, carob raisins, cashews, dark chocolate // eating window closed at 7 PM, I was going to eat something for dinner but wasn't hungry after all that food during the day


Saturday -- lots of walking, probably 3 miles?

Sunday -- nada


Great weekend with good friends (other than "hell night" on Friday)

Girls had a blast with grandparents

Went to central market twice over the weekend -- love that place.

No issues driving home -- fun trip!

Listened to some good live music on Saturday

Face hurt by end of weekend from all the laughing -- that's always a good sign