SHL -- Wednesday


AM -- woke at 6:50 with no alarm // felt great upon waking, no trouble getting up // total of about 9 hours counting the hour I slept next to Hope

PM -- glasses on by 8 PM // fell asleep with girls from 9-11 // in bed for good before midnight


pre and post workout -- BCAs and creatine

post workout -- bone broth with coconut oil and sea salt

lunch -- at Stephan Pyle's for work // roasted chicken // potatoes // some sort of fried avocado ball (haven't had anything friend in about 14 months, it was good) // romaine lettuce

snack -- coconut flakes // carrots & almond butter // handful of cashews

dinner -- 16 oz of angus roast beef from Central Market // raw salad // raw local cheese


10' warm up

3x5 bench with 195#

5 reps power clean with 135, 5 reps with 155, 3 reps with 185

4 rounds

8 goblet squat with 53# kettle bell

4 max effort broad jumps

rested 90 seconds, took about 8:30 total



both girls hung out in garage while I worked out this morning

lunch with one of my oldest and best friends -- he's not old, we've just been friends for a long time

Evan Brand was on Jason Seib's podcast and I just had him on mine!

Dreamed I shaved my head, woke up and was relieved that I still had my hair -- haha