SHL -- Saturday


AM -- woke at 7:00 AM // about 8 hours total

PM -- glasses on by 8:30 PM // in bed by 11:30 PM


eating throughout the day today (keep my body guessing)

morning -- leftover asparagus wrapped in bacon // coconut flakes // carrots & almond butter

afternoon -- carob cubes // almonds // raw cheese // white rice

dinner -- steak // rabbit loin wrapped in bacon // potatoes //asparagus ("fancy" work dinner) // salad

snack -- 87% dark chocolate bar


rest day


Had fun at dinner with my parents and Jenn

Went to the park with my dad and girls this morning/afternoon, then to the store, then to get more helium balloons -- we have about 8 helium balloons floating around our house from V-day

I enjoy the change every now and then from having a small eating window to a day where I eat throughout the day

Started watching Dexter on Netflix